Helping Children

Do Unto Others

What a wonderful concept - Gamblers all over are being asked to help Children in need. The target audience here are gamblers with disposable income and the aim is simple - If you are in the fortunate position to be able to spend some of your hard earned cash on gambling then the question is are you able to give a small percentage of that figure to a worthy cause. Do Unto Others is a charity website ( and the founder and owner of this organization is Minister Brian Hutton. Brian and his wife Lara work and run the Hillside Methodist Community Church which is a Sister Church to the Edenvale Methodist Church.

This Fund has been set up for the Hillside Methodist Community Church and is run under the leadership of Brian Hutton. The main objective for Brian and his Church is to make a difference in the lives of Children. This initiative started off as a small contribution into the local Schools by distributing sandwiches to children who were in need. This little project alone is in the process of growing, and donations are being received on a weekly basis to increase the amount of sandwiches distributed that is so desperately needed by the Children in Schools. More on this and other initiatives can be viewed at Do Unto Others.

This is a wonderful opportunity and a truly note worthy cause. We urge you please to take the time to visit this site and be a part of this great cause. Do Unto Others.