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Roulette Gambling Tips

Gambling tips for Online Roulette

The game of Roulette is well known in casinos and it is one of the most favorite ones. Many gamblers consider Roulette one of the most entertaining casino games and try to use different betting strategies in order to have an advantageous outcome. Taking into consideration that Roulette is mainly based on luck, one cannot calculate or figure out what the most appropriate type of betting is, because it is absolutely unpredictable where the ball will land. There have been made several calculations for proving which techniques are suitable for winning.

The object of Roulette is to predict the particular number that the ball will eventually land. Of course, there are specified betting options available for you to choose from and it is extremely important for a person to know these, right before playing at Roulette. You have to get to know with the Roulette wheel, table, rules and everything related to it, because otherwise you cannot even start playing. Usually it is played by up to eight players.

There are two different Roulette wheels: the American one and the European Roulette. The only difference between these two is the number of slots. At the American wheel there are altogether 38 slots, starting from 0 up to 36 plus a double 0. The European Roulette has 37 slots altogether, from 0 to 36, except the double 0. These numbers are randomly arranged on the wheel and every single number has a background color alternating between black and red; except for the zero and double zero, which have green background.

Next to the Roulette wheel there is a Roulette table where the numbers are enumerated from 0 to 36. This table is used only for placing bets. This Roulette table is consisting of three columns where numbers are lined up consecutively, starting from 1 to 36, the zeros are in a separate column. In order to make a bet, a gambler has to place the chip on the appropriate place, depending on the type of betting that he chooses.
There are two different categories of betting system: inside bets and outside bets. Each of these includes separate options of betting such as:

- The inside bets have ‘Straight bet’, ‘Split bet’, ‘Street bet’ (also known as ‘Trio bet’ or ‘Three Number bet’), ‘Corner bet’ (‘Square bet’ or ‘Four Number bet’), Five Number bet and Six Line bet’.
- The outside bets include ‘Red’, ‘Black’, ‘Even’, ‘Odd’, ‘Low bet’, ‘High bet’, ‘Dozen bet’ and ‘Column bet’.
You are given the chance to select the one that is the most convenient for you.

The game of Online Roulette begins with buying-in, when players get chips which have different colors, so that their bets cannot be mixed. When a gambler wins, he/she then needs to get cash chips which further on are redeemable for real money. In addition, after each player has chosen differently colored chips, he/she then places the chips on the Roulette table, of course in such a way that he is allowed to do so. As there are more betting possibilities you can place your chips wherever you feel like putting them on the table. At a certain point the croupier announces that no more bets can be made. At this time he spins the wheel in one direction and throws the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel. Once the ball stops, the croupier calls out the winners and exchanges the playing chips into cash chips. In what the house advantage is consisting of, we can tell that at European Roulette where there is only one zero, this value is of 2.7%; and at the American Roulette it is of 5.26%.
Besides the betting options and rules there are two specific rules which are applied in certain given situations; these are: “The ‘En Prison’ rule” and “The ‘La Partage’ rule”.

1. The ‘En Prison’ rule:

This is a type of rule which is only applied when betting on even-money. This can be used only in case the outcome is zero. In such a situation, some casinos and online casinos are giving you the chance to take back half of your betting amount, or to leave that specific sum for the upcoming wheel spin. In case you choose to leave that amount of betting for the next roulette spin, and the ball again lands on the zero, you do not benefit from any other option and your entire bet will be lost. In other words, ‘en prison’ means ‘in prison’, so you leave your bet in prison for the next spin.

2. The ‘La Partage’ rule:

This is a rule which also can be applied when the outcome is zero. The difference between the ‘En Prison’ rule and the ‘La Partage rule’ is that at the second one you lose half of your bet and do not get the chance to leave your bet for the upcoming wheel spin. Here we are referring only for the outside even-money bets, such as: Odd/Even, Red/Black or High/Low.

One of the main advantages of the ‘En Prison’ and ‘La Partage’ rules is that both of these cut the casino’s house edge in half, for the even-money bets. In addition, the house edge for an even-money bet at a single zero Roulette wheel is of 1.35% and for the double-zero wheel is of 2.63% when applying the En Prison or La Partage rule.
As for Roulette tips, you should take advantage of these two above mentioned rules, because these are only to your own benefit.

Make yourself comfortable and start playing online Roulette is a relaxing atmosphere and pleasant surroundings. Just select the most appropriate online casino and you will surely enjoy this exciting game. Have fun!